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Just Friends EP

by Sleepyheart

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This Is War 03:32
As I try to run away, afraid that I may falter, stumbling, I fall to the ground. At the tearing of my flesh the memories of my father fill the air and I can hear the sound... I find it so unnerving, nothing else could bring me here today. I find the words you speak, the words you lie to be life threatening. I find there's not much life, I find there's not much life to find... I find there's not much light, I find there's never peace of mind... With the weight of the world pulling down on a string, is it true that I'm here to stay? Well I'd run and I'd hide, but I do not know the way, and I fear it's getting closed today.
You and I 04:16
So it's 3 am again And look at where we are Above Tempurpedic pillows thoughts become a bit bizarre I'll never have a shot Of knowing who you are A fool's obsession past repression Tearing me apart I could fill this song up With simple rhymes About destiny and you and me And would you please be mine? But what's the point? It's all a waste of time I'm better off just hoping for A bit of sleep tonight But even so... I think you and I, We could be something Although it's no surprise You'll never hear me sing. All these days gone by And nothing's changed Could I just get some sleep tonight? So it's 5 am this time Not much on my mind I wonder what's on yours but know it's No business of mine. I know it sounds absurd That I formulate these rhymes Just to soothe my simple soul It leaves me oh so compromised... So I'll wake up at 2 pm again Knowing no one can Feel the way I do And it's such a shame I n this game we all play All my heart shaped pieces They look like you
Blind 04:19
O my god, how can this be? All this pain, neverending If it's gone when I see your face Oh God I cannot take All this pain anymore Why won't you come near And not disappear? Oh, just to prove me wrong Oh, this was never my song Now I feel so afraid O my god, when will this cease? All this doubt and uncertainty If it's gone when I hear your voice Oh God I have no choice All I am is yours Why won't you come near And not disappear? Oh, just to prove me wrong Oh, this was never my song Now I feel so hopelessly alone... Where'd you go, oh God? (You were right in front of me)
Sorry 04:04
God knows we're tired, We've been at this way too long. But I'm not surprised, It's almost what we want. 'Cause I'm A know-it-all, And I would be the first to say I've Never liked the taste of my own words. I know it's wrong, That I pretend to take a stand for Anything the opposite of you. Do we belong? I'm sorry for all I've never done (I'm a fool and I'm full of it) I'm sorry for all I've never done (I'm a fool and I'm full of it) Sometimes you wanna turn around and run, You know you're not the only one, You know you're not the only one. Time passes by, Should we put it on the shelf? 'Cause we're so afraid We'll turn into something else Where I don't belong And all of this is politics And everything you hate, and broken words. I know it's wrong, But I won't be the last to say I've always preferred salting my own wounds. I'm sorry for all I've never done (I'm a fool and I'm full of it) I'm sorry for all I've never done (I'm a fool and I'm full of it) Sometimes I wanna turn around and run, but I know I'm not the only one, You know I'm not the only one. But I don't want to be Sorry for days and Never change and Stay the same and Never be The man I could be Always searching, Never learning Please bear with me, Please forgive me I'm so sorry that I'm so sorry. I'm on my knees, Won't you hold me? I'm so sorry, that I'm so sorry.
Just Friends 03:32
Do you remember when When you and I we were just friends And nothing more? It seems so long ago, Thought I was meant to be alone But that was before I realized I want to be by your side And I'll do what I have to Get you to always be mine Because I've Never met anyone like you and I Want to be the one who stands by your side Let it come, let it be the rest of my life You know it's funny, love I never thought you'd be the one But here we are Until the sun comes out I don't care what we talk about As long as I'm with you 'Cause I'm crazy about you, baby And I'm tired of living with maybe


Debut EP!

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released September 1, 2017

All songs written and performed by Nathaniel James Goldblatt
Drums on songs 1-3 co-written and performed by Yusuf Agoro
Brush snare on "Sorry" performed by Ben Kiowski
Cello on "Sorry" performed by Jacob Reynolds

Special thanks to Matt Janney for loaning me his bass guitar & to
Nick Barber for loaning his Palmer PDI03 for these recordings!

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered by Nathaniel J Goldblatt | njgold.net


all rights reserved



Sleepyheart Austin, Texas

Sleepyheart began in late 2016 as the solo project of alt-rock singer/songwriter Nathaniel Goldblatt. Self- produced/recorded, the Just Friends - EP was released in late 2017. 2019 saw the release of the Just Friends (Expansion Pack), which includes acoustic and live versions of songs from the Just Friends EP, plus an acoustic version of a new song. Sleepyheart's newest single drops June 12, 2020. ... more

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